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About Us

Chatham Valet is Cape Cod's Leading Parking Management, Valet Parking and Transportation Company

Founded in 2017, Chatham Valet’s steadfast commitment to providing service of the highest quality has quickly established the company as the preeminent choice for local businesses, municipalities, and private events looking to secure parking, transportation, and general hospitality services.  

Why Chatham Valet?

What separates Chatham Valet from the competition?  We are a company whose parking management methods were born and have been been meticulously developed in the world of 5-star hotels.  With close to 25 years of hospitality experience between founders Richard Kendall and Miladin Terziyski, Chatham Valet ensures its professionals are rigorously trained in accordance with both Forbes Hospitality and Leading Hotels of the World  standards.

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Hotel/Restaurant/Local Business

Partnering with Chatham Valet is a commitment to excellence and a commitment to results.

Our trained professionals actively work with ownership and management to best assess the parking capabilities of your hotel/restaurant/business.  This extensive consultative process begins with the recognition and analysis of various traffic trends, the development of strategies to best handle all volumes of vehicles, and finally, the establishment of flexible parking lot capacities that maximize business revenue while still maintaining a high level of efficiency and safety.


Town and Municipality

Alleviating the pressure and confusion in crowded parking lots from Bourne to Provincetown.

Chatham Valet is a company that takes pride in the rich social fabric of Cape Cod.  All Chatham Valet employees possess extensive knowledge of the region: its towns, its businesses, its history-- its culture.  This quality aligns with one of Chatham Valet’s core beliefs: professionals who are fully immersed in their surroundings (all of our employees live throughout the Upper and Lower Cape) are able to provide service of the highest quality-- service that allows our clients to maximize their experience of your community.  

Chatham Valet gives back to the towns of Cape Cod by administering our advanced parking management solutions.  Our expertise allows for seamless organization, coherence, and safety, thus alleviating the pressure seen in crowded municipal lots from Bourne to Provincetown.

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Private Events

Highly Customized Parking Management and Transportation Plans

Whether it be a wedding, fundraiser, or corporate retreat, the experienced consultants at Chatham Valet will utilize our comprehensive assessment procedure to examine every logistical detail and potential scenario involved in your private event.  The result? A highly customized parking management and transportation plan that ensures efficiency, safety, and above all, peace of mind.

Professionalism.  Efficiency.  Class.

Core Values

At Chatham Valet, our brand’s success has been forged on one central belief:  effectively providing our services requires more than just the ability to efficiently park vehicles or transport clients in a safe, secure, and organized manner.  Above all, it requires a service experience that fully embodies the class, charm, and sense of refinement that resides at the cornerstone of world-class hospitality.  

"We have been extremely pleased with the service Chatham Valet provided. The Valets are professional not only in appearance, but also in their manner. Definitely the best valet service on Cape Cod."

Rick M.

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